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Facebook News Feed and the Magic Four

In 2006 , two years after its birth, Facebook introduced the News Feed, the news roll that each one of us sees on the homepage . Initially it wasn’t well understood by the users, who were not accustomed to see emerge with such ease their friend’s daily life news, without going each time at every single profile. Gradually users learned to understand how to protect their privacy while enjoying the positive effects of the feature. We all have learned how to use it, but the mechanism operating...
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Ask Watson: Artificial Intelligence Customer Service

Ask Watson: IBM has started the first experiments of artificial intelligence called Watson, that operates in the customer service of companies to manage discussions with users. For example, people ask questions in writing as if they were talking to another human being, and receive answers through Ask Watson. According to Fortune,  Ask Watson can also communicate via mobile devices, or with chat and email. The first tests are occurring in marketing, insurance companies and banks, and in the future will be...
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Yahoo Upgrades Flickr. Finally.

Guess what: Yahoo upgrades Flickr! For the joy of us all, now we have more storage to upload pictures free of charge, rather in high definition thanks to Flickr! huge archiving space of one terabyte. The smart and generous move of Marissa Mayer, makes Flickr revive, and the move is timing-perfect considering the latest acquisition of Tumblr. The differences with the previous version of the photo sharing platform are obviously big: Starting from the homepage design: removing white spaces and offering instead...
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YouTube On The Rise But Tv Still Strong

Young people recognise the importance and relevance of new technology and social network Compared to previous generations, however, our way of staying informed has radically changed: consumption has become “prehensile”, dynamic and diverse, often made of accessing many media at a time, as shown by the “Youth and Information 2013” implemented by the “Permanent-Young Publishers” in collaboration with Gfk-Eurisko. 88% of the young people interviewed said that being informed “it’s a duty” Generally electronic media wins on paper ones, but television remains...
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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Tweeting

Tweeting is cool. Well, at least that’s what everybody who spends time into social networks thinks. And this is the right moment, when we can really achieve big results for our services or products in a very short time. However, when it comes to sending a tweet, we struggle with it. That’s because conversations are now real time, and even if you hire professional writers to custom write your tweets, these are immediate and happening 24/7. Such a scenario puts many...
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