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Are you doing keyword research right?

Recently, a client came to us asking the following: “I’ve noticed that Keyword Planner is no longer differentiating between plural and singular keywords and provides the same search volume for both (example below). Additionally, when looking at minor keyword variations (e.g ‘printed t-shirts’ vs ‘print t-shirts’ or ‘flared jeans’ vs ‘flare jeans’), the search volumes are identical. This may have been occurring for a while but today is the first time I’ve noticed it! Is this new to you?” Matter of fact...
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Google plus posts in Google News

I was reading the news today while stuck in my daily trip on the District Line (London), and in doing so I noticed something curious. The last news listed when you expand for more related articles on the main news topic, was coming from a Google Plus page: As I’ve never come across this in the past, I assume is something new introduced by Google very recently. It’s interesting to see that this applies to other news too, if there’s a relevant...
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Penguin 2.0 Release: Let SEO dance begin!

Of course “all SEOs” are scared. Penguin 2.0 is finally out, and most of them who have based their strategies in the long-existing vacuum of the Google search algorithms, know perfectly that a lot of the black-hat tactics employed (e.g. link building), are going to be found out, if not found already.   SEO pain Personally, being tired of the huge amount of black-hat strategies used by the majority of SEOs during these years, am looking forward to the updates when...
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eCommerce SEO Tips: How to Increase Website Traffic

I will show you some eCommerce SEO tips on how to attract new customers and increase ROI, turning potential buyers into your clients. In order to rank in the first page on the search engines for keywords related to your products, it is vital to develop SEO strategies. I will help you learn how to optimise your e-commerce with a thorough and comprehensive guide. How to optimise product pages Usually, the success of an e-commerce SEO strategy depends on the amount...
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