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First things first: what is SEO?

SEO Consultant

I’m an SEO Consultant London based. I specialise in SEO Strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), E-mail Marketing, Social Network Strategy and Paid Advertising (PPC). I have a keen interest on Digital Design, Web Development and all things digital in general. Highly experienced creative online strategist, encompassing all online marketing tools, including email broadcasts, link building and optimised copy-writing. In the past I have worked as an in-house SEO / Digital marketing consultant for different companies, as well as for agencies, which means that I:

  • Am used to working on big projects and tight deadlines
  • Can build and publish product/service web pages, ensuring landing pages are clear and easy to shop
  • Analyse the customer behaviour to identify opportunities and increase site conversion
  • Grow sales in line with business objectives and targets for all direct channels
  • Achieve or where possible, surpass all financial and operational goals set
  • Produce and implement SEO friendly copy


SEO Strategist

The way I normally approach any SEO project, is to initially sit down with the client and start with the following:

  • Quality of the website design and content (Is your website W3C compliant? Is it mobile-ready? Is it SEO optimised? Is it user friendly?)
  • Defining your KPI’s (Your Key Performance Indicators should be specific to your business, such as increasing overall traffic flow, increasing customer spend or building brand awareness.)
  • Present digital strategy (if any) and/or previous work done by other digital consultants/agencies
  • Competitor analysis (industry/niche market, keywords used, ppc campaigns, backlinks and social media strategy)
  • Keyword brainstorming (We need to create a list of seed keywords and analyse the potential traffic and ROI that this traffic can deliver to your business, and whether SEO is the best solution for your advertising budget.)


On-Page Report

An initial report will be generated on completion of the site analysis, at which point we can discuss how to implement the changes required to your website and we’ll take it from there.


ASO Expert – App Store Optimisation

It starts by analysing the app’s performance in the app store and also in search engine results. I take a look also at the landing page and also competitors, in order to have a full picture of what needs to be done. By providing a full action plan, I aim to increase downloads, retain customers, improve conversion rates and ultimately revenue and user engagement.


Online Reputation Management Expert (ORM)

It can be tricky once your name gets on top of the search results for the wrong reasons. As if this wasn’t bad enough, specific black hat techniques are used by people/competitors in order to further harm your reputation. It has become increasingly complicated, difficult and expensive to assure that results are achieved and maintained for a long time, but I have developed the confidence and experience to overcome this. Being an Online Reputation Management expert isn’t something you don’t learn at school, it comes with years of online experience and hard work and when it’s your reputation at stake, you don’t want to waste your time and money on random automatic tools or cheap “experts”.


Link Building Campaigns, On-going Support + Rank Tracking

While your on-page changes are being implemented, an ethical link building campaign involving a mix of guest posting, outreach and content marketing will be initiated. The cost of this is dependent on the difficulty of your key terms. There is no exact science in the SEO/SEM world. If you loose, your competitors win.

There’s not enough space for everyone in the top 10 search results.

Hence, timescales may vary depending on how competitive and crowed the industry is. For some industries, such as legal services, it can take up to 12 months to hit the targets and for others it could take between 3-4 months. This depends also in many other factors that will be discussed during the brief.

Whatever your project, no matter how big it is, contact me for a FREE SEO consultation.

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