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Google Search censored: where are we heading?

One of my colleagues this morning sent an email, citing:

The Lords were critical of RTBF because:

  • It doesn’t take into account the impact on smaller search engines that don’t have the resources of Google
  • RTBF is based on “vague, ambiguous and unhelpful criteria”
  • Search engines shouldn’t be left to interpret the rules for themselves. In particular Google should not be “sitting in judgement” about what information about individuals should remain and what should be removed from its index.

Agree to disagree. This goes beyond single nations or corporates. Internet was born to be free of governments, and as such has thrilled. If we start and limit that, we’re not far from dictatorship, be it public or private.

Unfortunately though, there’s no common sense with humans, so some sort of, say layers, need to be there just to reassure the public (see child porn). Did we see this coming? Yes, and Google played it well, by taking drastic actions on purpose, to tell (democratic) governments that there’s a high risk by implementing certain restrictive freedom-of-speech rights.

Imho this has to be forced (if need be) to the publishing media, and not to Google itself.

After all, you get what you ask for.

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