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I'm an Expert SEO Consultant in London, Technology Geek, New Culture and People Discoverer, Sport Lover, Art & Culture Digger. All in All, Love Life :)!

Are you doing keyword research right?

Recently, a client came to us asking the following: “I’ve noticed that Keyword Planner is no longer differentiating between plural and singular keywords and provides the same search volume for both (example below). Additionally, when looking at minor keyword variations (e.g ‘printed t-shirts’ vs ‘print t-shirts’ or ‘flared jeans’ vs ‘flare jeans’), the search volumes are identical. This may have been occurring for a while but today is the first time I’ve noticed it! Is this new to you?” Matter of fact...
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EU mobile carriers soon to block Google Ads

Several European mobile operators have put in technology to block Google, Yahoo and AOL ads, as reported by The Financial Times last week. One EU mobile carrier said that has already installed blocking software in its data centres and planned to turn it on before the end of 2015.   The Goal They want to be able to control more of the ads European consumers see, by forcing Google out through blocking technology. An executive at a European carrier confirmed with FT that it and several...
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Local business listing marked as closed

I was reviewing today a local business listing on Google Maps, and noticed that it was flagged as closed. That struck me, as obviously the business is up and running as usual. I panicked for a second (to be honest I was looking for a place to take my date), but then my inner curiosity kicked in and I wanted to dig further. After a bit of research around and many other casualties randomly complaining the same happening to them, I found...
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Google plus posts in Google News

I was reading the news today while stuck in my daily trip on the District Line (London), and in doing so I noticed something curious. The last news listed when you expand for more related articles on the main news topic, was coming from a Google Plus page: As I’ve never come across this in the past, I assume is something new introduced by Google very recently. It’s interesting to see that this applies to other news too, if there’s a relevant...
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Google Knowledge Graph fails on Greggs

As of today, many of us noticed an unusual activity on Twitter, which highlighted the misrepresentation of the Greggs‘ brand image by Google Search. The story: when you searched for the word “greggs” on Google Search, you will be presented with a list of results. (screenshot below). Funny (not for the brand) enough, on the right side of the search results, where Google shows it’s understanding of the user’s query by returning relevant information using it’s Knowledge Graph engine, a misrepresented...
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Does Google care about its own tracking?

I was just doing my daily website check-ups in Google Webmaster Tools today, and my eye was caught by the Google Tag Assistant plugin in my Chrome, indicating an error on the page: It’s funny to see that Google has got the Analytics implementation wrong, and they’re not bothering at fixing it. Not a big deal someone would say, who cares about gathering data on GWT? Might be true, surely Google isn’t new to this kind of errors in their platforms. They randomly...
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Google wants your website to be secure!

Have you ever heard of https? Of course, what a question. Probably you thought that using such a secure protocol was requested only by e-commerce websites or more in general, transactional (dealing normally with a two-way communication: user-client). This protocol ensures the information exchanged between the server (website) and user (client) is encrypted and secure from malicious users, or simply put, hackers. Up to date, a lot of websites have been compromised due to many flaws in their (outdated) architecture, coding, server...
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Google Search censored: where are we heading?

One of my colleagues this morning sent an email, citing: The Lords were critical of RTBF because: It doesn’t take into account the impact on smaller search engines that don’t have the resources of Google RTBF is based on “vague, ambiguous and unhelpful criteria” Search engines shouldn’t be left to interpret the rules for themselves. In particular Google should not be “sitting in judgement” about what information about individuals should remain and what should be removed from its index. Agree to disagree....
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Facebook News Feed and the Magic Four

In 2006 , two years after its birth, Facebook introduced the News Feed, the news roll that each one of us sees on the homepage . Initially it wasn’t well understood by the users, who were not accustomed to see emerge with such ease their friend’s daily life news, without going each time at every single profile. Gradually users learned to understand how to protect their privacy while enjoying the positive effects of the feature. We all have learned how to use it, but the mechanism operating...
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Google autocomplete now shows 10 results

After that information has been stored from Google search robots, it’s presented in the form of a list or results when users search for a given term: the SERP. Did you ever come across a client or friend asking for help with removing a negative search result? Well, what is becoming more common is that although you forgot about what your client has done in the past, Google, being ever so helpful, would like to remind you or the rest of...
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